Wonders of the Ocean

With printed paper and water try to explore the underwater scene

Children’s curiosity leads to learning. With a printed sheet and water tray in this activity, kids can miraculously explore the underwater scene and ocean inhabitants. Let’s get started.

What you’ll need

  •  Chanafavors Free Printables www.chanafavors.com (Link in Bio) 
  • Food Coloring / Water 
  • Tray 
  • Clear Glass Bowls

How to Set Up

  1. Print the Chanafavors free printable file.
  2. Place a clear tray on top of the underwater scene.
  3. Add the dark blue food coloring and water in the tray.

How to play

  1. Place a clear glass bowl in the tray.
  2. Move the clear bowl in the tray to spot the inhabitants of the ocean.


  • Try different sizes of clear glass bowls for different effects.


Adult supervision is required for any activity presented by CHANA and Chanafavors.

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