Colors and Shapes Wheel

In this activity, let the children match these two-dimensional images. It helps them to recognize geometric shapes (circles, triangles, rectangles, etc.) and sort things in colors.

What you’ll need

  • Chanafavors Free Printables
  • Cutter Knife
  • Cutting Mat
  • Hook and Loop Dots
  • Paper Fasteners

How to Set Up

  1. Print the Chanafavors free printable files. Cut out the three big circles and all the shape cards. Laminate them (optional).
  2. Make holes in the center of the three circles. Arrange the blank circle on top, the shape circle in the middle, and the colored circle below. Pin all circles together with a paper fastener.
  3. Attach a hook dot to the blank circle and a loop dot to every shape card.


*The Paper used in this experiment is 270g waterproof photo paper.

*The Marangoni effect is about the differences between the surface tension of two fluids, which are ink and water in this case, producing the movement.

Adult supervision is required for any activity presented by CHANA and Chanafavors.

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