Butterfly Dot Finders

Butterfly Dot Finders Printable #chanafavors

ūü¶č Butterfly Dot Finders ūüĆą Discover the joy of matching colors with our Butterfly Dot Finders game! Perfect for young learners to enhance fine motor skills and color recognition. Get this engaging and fun play experience today. Available now on our store! Link in Bio

  • Awl¬†
  • Straw¬†
  • String¬†
  • Scissors¬†
  • Double-sided Tape¬†
  • Cardboard¬†

How to Set Up

  • To set up, print and cut out the colored butterflies, removing the inner white area of the right wings and keeping the black frames.

How to play

  • To play, pick a butterfly. Check the background color and the dot colors on the left wing. Move the butterfly on the play mat to find the matching color pattern for the right wing. Confirm the colors with the left wing


Adult supervision is required for any activity presented by CHANA and Chanafavors.

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