Secret Codes

Let your child think step by step and create a secret code that only family knows.

In this secret code creator game, kids have to think step by step to create a secret code that only the person with the table can decode. Children choose a secret number and use the table to turn each number into dots or a sign. Then combine the two into a secret code. Let’s create a secret code known only to the family.

What you’ll need

  • Scissors

How to Set Up

  1. Print the Chanafavors printable file.
  2. Cut out the secret code results and number cards.

How to play

  1. Place the table worksheet in front of your child. Ask your child to pick a number card to create a secret code.
  2. Explain how to use the code table to turn each number into dots or a sign.
  3. Combine the two together and draw the secret code or choose a card that matches the secret code.


  • Once the child is familiar with the coding, try working backwards to crack the secret code.


Adult supervision is required for any activity presented by CHANA and Chanafavors.

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